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During this video, battery salesman Jeff Timmer explains Cisco Inc.'s battery services. Some of these services include; battery testing, charging capabilities, and battery desulfation. Get a further understanding of our services by watching this video.

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Welcome My name is Jeff Timmer, with Cisco, Inc.

We are a battery and charger service company, covering the state of Michigan and northern Indiana.

This clip is going to cover a portion of our battery reconditioning system, the BTS 3000.

Cisco, Inc has developed a battery testing process that allows our customers to make informed decisions about whether to replace or repair their industrial batteries.

When your batteries first hit our dock, our factory trained technicians perform an initial check-in. They then charge equalize the battery, to bring it back to manufacturer's specifications.

Once that charge cycle is completed, we perform another inspection.

If the acid concentration is not up to factory specifications, which most of the times it isn't, we perform a 24 hour pulse desulfation charge on our batt recon units, which are described in more detail on another clip. This process takes a little longer, but is essential in determining a battery's condition. At the end of that process, the battery will be fully charged to it's maximum capacity that it's capable of providing at that time.

We then hook it up to our BTS 3000 digital load bank, and simulate the forklift load on the battery over a period of 6 hours. Each cell has individual lead wire to it, monitoring voltage, and we also have a temperature probe, monitoring the internal temperature of the battery.

While the load bank is discharging the battery, it's monitoring all the cells to the second, and providing the exact capacity of every cell in the battery.

Once the cell drops below 100% discharge, the computer system logs to the second, how long it will last. It then continues the task and allows us to know the exact capacity of all the cells in the battery.

The BTS 3000 digital load bank takes out the human error aspect of the load test.

Using this factual information, along with the physical condition and age of the battery, we are able to provide the customers feedback on whether to repair or replace the battery, based on their specific application.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch this video about one of many services that Cisco provides. Please watch some of our other videos to learn more.

Take care.

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