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S-3200 Snapback Dock Shelter by SERCO

 SERCO S-3200 Snapback Dock Shelter  SERCO S-3200 Snapback Dock Shelter

S-3200 Snapback Dock Shelter

The S-3200 Shelter is designed with a collapsible frame to withstand trailer impact and prevent building damage. Built to service a wide variety of trailer sizes and types, the S-3200 moves upward and back if off-center trailer impact occurs. This prevents costly damage to the wall and shelter. After the truck leaves, the gravity-biased design returns the frame to its original position.

Design Highlights

  • Full access loading capacity
  • Collapsible Frame with compressible foam and neoprene cords conform to the trailer
  • White UV-resistant vinyl-coated fabric allows natural light to enter the dock area
  • High-visibility guide stripes to assist drivers
  • Roll-formed galvanized steel frame (5-year limited warranty)

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