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Battery Bathing

Corrosion can build up around a battery, and cleaning it can be messy and dangerous. We can clean your batteries on locations with our portable, self-contained battery cleaning station. We take the contaminated wash water away with us, so your facility is kept clean and dry, and your company is not exposed to wash water run off.

battery wash bay

The Battery Bathtub

The Mobile Wash Bay (MWB) helps keep battery wash water and over spray contained and provides secure collection of wastewater and after-wash drips. The dirty water is collected and processed for safe, compliant wastewater disposal by use of Neutralization and Filtration.

The Battery Bathwater

After your forklift battery has been cleaned, the wash water is left contaminated with two by-products; Heavy Metal particulates, such as Lead and trace amounts of Sulfuric Acid. Since this is bad for skin and lungs, we take this away and dispose of it properly for you.

battery cleaning solution

The Battery Cleaning Solution

Cisco Industrial Battery Cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve corrosion and nuetralize acid, and will change color to indicate the presence of acid.

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