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Overhead Door Planned Maintenance

homedoors planned-maintenance

A preventative maintenance program is designed to reduce costs, and avoid future repairs. High wear parts are kept in inventory, and tracked through reports from our program.

What is Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance is scheduled service performed on a piece of equipment, to watch for problems before they happen. Preventative maintenance replaces parts before failure, so it doesn't break down and cause unexpected down time.

Our program includes:
  • Adjustments and testing
  • Training and cost-saving recommendations
  • Premium lubricant on maintenance points
  • Specific report with recommendations completed on each unit
  • Guaranteed 24-hour service response time for all customers on PM

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Ensure your equipment is safe and reliable
  • Documented safety and maintenance inspections for your OSHA inspections and insurance reviews
  • Correct minor problems before they become major and expensive problems
  • Cleaning, lubricating, and adjustments and maintenance will extend equipment life

Why Choose Reliable Door and Gate to Work on your Equipment?

  • We service and repair all brands
  • Minor repairs to cracked hinges and broken welds are included, no hidden costs
  • Complete written inspection reports supplied.
  • Worn parts are noted and can be ordered and installed at next scheduled inspection or immediately if requested.
  • Communication with, and training of users of equipment.

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