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We have solutions to keep RODENTS and WINTER out!!!

We have solutions to keep RODENTS and WINTER out!!! Reduced maintenance costs, heat loss - these more than pay for themselves.

Safe Access Control at Your Self Storage Facility

Provide your customers with a sense of safety and yourself with peace-of-mind by having a fully integrated security system at your self storage facility.

We take care of the things you don’t think about – until you need them!

3 Divisions | 1 Team Supporting industrial and commercial businesses in Michigan and Indiana since 1954.

Batteries Don't Die Alone

Dying batteries can damage other components, and may cause intermittent electrical problems.

Power Solutions You Should Know About

If you're not with Cisco, you could be mismanaging your power. Let us show you how to improve productivity and make your equipment investments last longer.

DAMOTECH: Brief History of the Warehouse

In their blog article, DamoTECH takes a look at the history of pallet racking in North America.

High Speed Doors - Service, Sales and Support

High-speed doors increase efficiency and lower energy costs in high traffic areas.

Rack Repair: This Changes Everything

Rack Repair System that changes it all.

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Warehouse Fans Explained

Big warehouse fans that move large masses of air and keep employees cool. In this video, we'll talk about what HVLS fans are, what they do, and why you should try them.

Cisco Battery Reconditioning and Desulfation

Industrial battery desulfation is a great way to gain capacity and run-time on your forklift batteries. Cisco Inc. is the only company in the area with a desulfation unit that has the ability to give batteries a second chance.

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