Why you need an HVLS Ceiling Fan

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Why you need an HVLS Fan - Entrematic-Facility

Move up to 375,000 cubic feet of air per minute and keep your warehouse temperature predictable with a cost-effective climate control solution a large industrial ceiling fan also known as HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan. The air at the ceiling is warmer than the air at the floor because hot air rises. This natural process, known as thermal stratification, creates layers of air with a gradient of temperatures. In fact, noticeable temperature gradients occur between floor and ceiling and even between different parts of the room at the same height.

Destratification - Stablizing Air Temperature

In buildings and warehouses with high ceilings, the temperature differences from floor to ceiling can reach extremes. Heating and cooling systems require a lot of energy to maintain consistent temperatures. That is why destratification is a valuable consideration for room temperature control. HVLS fans move the air around, so the air temperatures are more consistent from top to bottom. Moving air also allows the body's own temperatures to be more stable, and allows the moisture to evaporate more rapidly. HVLS fans deliver massive airflow to extra-large spaces and create a cooling effect, to help control the effects of humidity, and conserve heat in colder months. HVLS fans create a direct, non-turbulent air flow from ceiling to floor. A straight column of air to gently push the upper air to the floor and then jet horizontally, to slowly mix the air. This minimizes the total amount of ventilation required to achieve the air quality preferred.

Energy Efficient - Reduce costs

HVLS fans regulate temperatures and use less power than HVAC systems. The result? Lower heating and cooling bills.

- Raise or lower the thermostat setting by 15 degrees to cool or help heat
- 7-11 degree change in perceived temperature
- Energy savings of up to 20%

Product Integrity - Consistent Storage temperatures

- Two operational directions, operate forward (to cool) and in reverse (to help heat)
- Improved air circulation and evaporation helps prevent mold and water condensation

Serco Fan Advantages

- Single-axis mount decreases potential fan movement
- Remote digital touchscreen offers floor-level diagnostics
- Whisper quiet operation because advanced blade design reduces drag
- Serco blade design optimizes airflow and reduces turbulence with turned up tips at the end.

Cisco Advantanges

- 24 hour emergency support
- Trained technicians
- Friendly service staff
- Fast turnaround from call to install

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