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Customer Service Stories - Summer 2018

Customer service can make or break a business. For Cisco, whether that means a calm response to customer concerns or providing creative, cost-effective solutions, field service technicians are the front line of our customer service experience. At Cisco, the quality of our work is very important to us and we want to recognize our 'rock-star' technicians who go the extra mile, take the extra time, share their knowledge and inspire their teammates. Two of Cisco's team members recently stood out for their stellar customer service skills.

Brian Cronk - Lead Field Battery and Charger Service Technician was recognized for his resourcefulness and dedication to an ever-growing corporation. "We are currently very satisfied with the quality of service Brian provides. We especially appreciate the extra effort and solutions that Brian delivers", reported the customer's director of engineering. Brian is consistently recognized by his coworkers for his job performance and willingness to help others whenever needed including taking on additional duties and assisting in areas that are not his normal responsibility.

Stacy Lee - Field Dock Service Technician, Certified Welder and Project Lead was acknowledged for the use of his fabrication skills to solve a customer's dock leveler unique repair needs. Stacy inspected the dock leveler and determined the hydraulic cylinder plate was installed at the wrong angle within the concrete pit. The incorrect angle created sheering forces that, with repetitive use, damaged the hydraulic cylinder and the mount. Stacy knew that the extensive concrete work needed to remove the embedded plate was not an economical or practical solution for the customer. So, to avoid additional costs and limit downtime, Stacy conceptualized a sound fabrication plan. Instead of removing the plate from the concrete, Stacy modified the mount to achieve the correct alignment for the hydraulic cylinder. The dock leveler is up and running and the customer experienced minimal downtime.

"These employees really went above and beyond to find creative solutions to complicated problems", said Greg Morrison, "They provided outstanding customer service and truly embody Cisco's goal of providing superior service to our customers."

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