When Should You Get Your Pallet Racks Inspected?

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Rack Inspection

Posted on Damotech blog by Charles Carbonneau, P. Eng. on September 25, 2019

Best practices in the material handling industry recommend the regular inspection of pallet rack systems in the warehouse by either your own safety personnel or an external rack safety expert. Can you remember the last time the racks in your warehouse were inspected?

Several types of inspections can be done in and around a warehouse racking system. The scope of the inspection and the qualifications of the inspector largely depend on what is required. As for the frequency, it depends on the type of activity occurring in the warehouse or distribution center, but safety authorities will recommend an independent third-party rack inspection on an annual basis, with regular planned inspections by maintenance personnel or an expert in the interim.

Since we are often asked: “When should I get my racks inspected?” Here’s a look at the various moments you might require pallet rack inspection services:

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Charles is a Structural Engineer (Ph.D.) with more than 20 years of experience in structural dynamics. As Chief Engineer, he is responsible for Damotech’s engineering services and the Damotech software platform. He is also an excellent communicator and mentor to his team.

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