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Cisco Certifed Battery Rejuvenation

Why Rejuvenate your Battery?

  • Increase battery performance - Low voltage batteries slow down operation.
  • Increase battery efficiency - Charge your battery to a higher capacity.
  • Prevent ecological waste - Don't waste electricity charging an old battery, or replacing it when you could be re-using.
  • Save money over buying new - It's cheaper to recondition an old battery than to dispose of an old one properly and buying a new one.

Cisco Certified Power

Corroded Battery New Battery

How Does Cisco Certified Battery Rejuvenation Work?

We go throught the following stages:

  1. Assess
  2. Clean | Neutralize
  3. Load Test
  4. Report
  5. Repair, Return or Recycle

1. Assess the current state of the battery

We start by checking the current properties of the battery

  • Age
  • Target amp/hour capacity
  • Voltage/cell
  • Specific gravity/cell
  • Cell grid-growth
  • Dead cell count

We take the factors together and give them a grade:

A - 90-100% Capacity

B - 75-90% Capacity

C - 60-75% Capacity

D - Spare Parts

F - Recycle

Battery Grade Meters

2. Clean and Neutralize the battery

  • Surface cleaning, remove acid and corrosion
  • Battery Bath - washing and soaking the entire battery

Battery Cleaner Battery Wash Bay

3. Digital Load Testing

We run our digital load testing on the the battery, to get a full assessment of the batteries condition

  • Volt/cell
  • Specific gravity/cell
  • Desulfation impact
  • Cable/tip resistance
  • Watering system condition
  • % Capacity

4. Report

  • Take the results of testing and initial assement and give the battery a grade.

Battery Report

5. Fix, Donate or Recycle

If the battery is passable, we can replace cells, balance the solution in the batteries, change cables and connectors, replace the watering system - even give the battery a new coat of paint, so it will look and act like a new battery.

Dying batteries are also the root cause of many intermittent electrical problems, and can bring down other components. Are you spending too much time fixing electrical components?

Contact us today to ask about our Cisco Certified Battery Rejuvenation Process. We're here to help.

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