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Powerline Industrial Battery by HAWKER POWERSOURCE

 HAWKER POWERSOURCE Powerline Industrial Battery

Powerline Industrial Battery

POWERLINE series is a rugged, full-shift power source designed for superior performance and long-life cycle.

THICK POSITIVE GRID A tough positive grid construction and the thickest grid in the industry, are matched for improved current distribution. Reduced corrosion and cooler battery operating temperatures increase battery life.

DENSEST POSITIVE PASTE The positive grids are pasted with the most active material and is the densest available, ensuring long-life under deep cycling and continuous power.

MICROPOROUS SLEEVED SEPARATORS Sleeved separators are made of the highest-quality, microporous plastic material available. Sleeved separators eliminate failures caused by separator misalignment.

POWERPLUS FORMATION SYSTEM Acid recirculation and two shot forming processes ensure that every cell of every battery receives a uniform temperature-controlled acid bath.

Get the most out of your sit-down rider forklifts, walkies, or narrow-aisle lift trucks. POWERLINE will keep you up and running.

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