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Flex and FlexPlus Mod 3 Chargers by HAWKER POWERSOURCE

 HAWKER POWERSOURCE Flex and FlexPlus Mod 3 Chargers

Flex and FlexPlus Mod 3 Chargers

The HAWKER FLEX and FLEXPLUS modular high-frequency, smart chargers battery chargers optimize cycling performance and reduce recharging times.


The FLEXPLUS MOD3 modular high-frequency switch-mode chargers are the smartest and most energy-efficient chargers in the business. The FLEXPLUS MOD3 communicates wirelessly with the Battery Boss WC, and provides superior performance in reducing battery recharge costs. A 7-inch, multi-color TFT display screen allows this charger to very user friendly.


The FLEX MOD3 modular high-frequency switch-mode, smart chargers provide a less feature-rich option for TPPL 2 volt or monobloc charging.

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