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APS2000 Vehicle Restraint by APS RESOURCE

 APS RESOURCE APS2000 Vehicle Restraint

APS2000 Vehicle Restraint

The APS 2000 is a superior rotating hook, impact-style vehicle restraint that was developed specifically to reduce the occurrence of accidents at the dock. All weather durability and clear dock position signalling. The APS-2000 is an impact-style restraint system and an economical solution to your dock safety needs that rides up and down on a track and is positioned by the force of the vehicle's rear underride guard. Impact-style restraints provide a more effective means of restraining vehicles than conventional rubber wheel chocks; however, they typically have a higher cost of ownership over non-impact-style restraints.
  • Impact-style design
  • Rotating hook engagement
  • 12-22 service range
  • Zinc plated for all-weather durability
  • Patented, non-adjustable clutch
  • Universal interior/exterior communication
  • Position signaling

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