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PTO MOD3 High Frequency Charger by HAWKER POWERSOURCE

Product Summary

PTO MOD3 High Frequency Charger

Flexible, scalable charge

HAWKER PTO MOD3 conventional/opportunity charger provides flexible, scalable, and redundant power for material handling customers. This charger allows the customer to choose between charging profiles, and these multi-capacity chargers have settable Ah capacity and selectable DC voltage charging

  • Adjustable battery voltage and Ah capacity
  • Automatic equalization charge day(s)
  • Condition charge (programmable DoD)
  • De-sulphation charge
  • Opportunity charge
  • Programmable delay start
  • Block-out timer to avoid peak demand


  • Programmable battery temperature
  • Conventional I-U-I, Opportunity, Cold Storage, and TPPL (2V and Bloc) charge profiles


  • USB port to download charger data
  • LED power/fault indicators on each module
  • Programmable asset number


  • Light-weight design
  • Shelf or wall mounted
  • Power modules easily installed or removed

Green Technology

  • Energy savings with efficiency up to 94% and .96 power factor

Call Cisco at 800-968-8651 or Contact us about the PTO MOD3 High Frequency Charger and let us know how we can help with sales, service, installation or questions.