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Flex-Back Panel by APS RESOURCE

 APS RESOURCE Flex-Back Panel

Flex-Back Panel

The FLEX-BACK Panel prevents common lower door panel damage, one of the most frequent and costly maintenance problems in busy warehouses. The FLEX-BACK panel is constructed of a high impact skin and flexible frame which will flex upon impact. The FLEX-BACK uses standard door hardware and replaces most standard sectional door panels easily. The insulated panel also provides an exceptional thermal seal to save on energy costs.

  • Flexible fiberglass frame gives panel longevity
  • Helps reduce door maintenance costs
  • Provides an exceptional thermal seal
  • Installs easily using standard door hardware
  • Heavy duty, easy grip handle comes standard
  • Available in most popular sectional door sizes: 8'2", 9'2" and 10'2"
  • Seals against tongue and groove or ship/lap door panels
Flex-Back Demo Video

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