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2041/2742/2741 Sectional Door by AMARR

 AMARR 2041/2742/2741 Sectional Door

2041/2742/2741 Sectional Door

Constructed using 2" or 1-3/8" foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation creates a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient. The Amarr 2741 and 2742 utilize 27-gauge front skins and are ideal for most commercial and industrial applications. The Amarr 2042 has a 20-gauge steel front skin that provides a perfect option for heavy industrial applications.

Each model is secured with standard 14-gauge, galvanized steel hinges. The interior skin of each section has top and bottom 20-gauge hinge reinforcement (continuous strip or backer plate). Improved Thermal Break design and position improves air and water infiltration performance to help meet IECC/Title 24 requirements. An EPDM rubber weather seal further enhances the performance of the joint.

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