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HMI Digital Control Panel by SERCO

Product Summary

HMI Digital Control Panel


Upgrade to a Digital Master Control Panel for simple & safe dock management.

Serco's Master Control Panels employ a fully digital interface activated by a nearly indestructible HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen. An intuitive guided sequence of operations can be customized to operate any combination of dock equipment with a suite of intelligent, connected hardware and a powerful cloud-based platform at its core. Available as a retrofit or new installation, the new digital Master Control Panels increase efficiency and ease of operation.

Standard Features

  • Guided sequence of operations
  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • Color and shape status lights
  • Not dependent on language
  • On-board data and diagnostics
  • Password access override
  • Time-at-dock timer
  • Network integration ready

HMI Digital Panel

  • Bright easy-to-see screen
  • Durable, built for hundreds of thousands cycles
  • Automatically goes to sleep after pre-determined inaction
  • Can be operated even while wearing heavy gloves

High Visibility L.E.D.

  • Single LED light indicates presence of trailer, status of restraint
  • Flashes to indicate in-motion equipment like dock levelers and errors like a missed restraint
  • Brightness can be adjusted from digital panel
  • Shapes combined with colors ensures universal understanding

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