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How to Care for Batteries During Shutdown

Battery Care During Shutdown




  • Make sure your batteries, including any spares, are fully charged.
  • Once charged, top off batteries with deionized or distilled water to the correct level.
  • If a battery is left on a truck and not connected to a charger, disconnect the battery DC plug from the truck.
  • Batteries connected to chargers can be left on charge — you do not need to switch off chargers once the charge is complete.
  • Maintain the electrical supply to chargers.
  • Switch off or disconnect auxiliary equipment connected to the battery or truck - remove the plug to stop the battery from discharging and avoid sulphation.
  • Every three months — batteries that are left in a truck or not connected to a charger, should be reconnected and should undergo a refresh charge and if time allows, a manual equalize charge. The electrolyte level of all batteries, including those which have had a refresh charge, should also be checked.

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