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BattRecon Battery Reconditioning Unit

New life for your forklift battery

Industrial battery desulfation is a great way to gain capacity and run-time on your forklift batteries. Our desulfation cart is a self-contained unit designed to make the process easy and repeatable by combining a multi-voltage charger along with a desulfation unit. As long as your battery doesn’t have any ‘dead’ cells, you can expect 10%-20% average gains in run-time and overall capacity

The BattRecon desulfation unit provides us with the ability to take a battery that would otherwise be scrapped and rejuvenate it by using a high amplitude, low frequency pulse wave to break down the sulfates that are stuck in the batteries lead plates.

How does battery reconditioning work?

When a battery is discharged, the sponge lead plates absorb the acid which then converts the plates into lead sulfate. When the battery is misused, improperly charged or neglected watering, the plates have a harder and harder time releasing the acid back into the water and the plates become "sulfated" and will not charge. Reconditioning forces the plates to release the acid and breathes new life into the battery.

Cisco, Inc  is the only company in the area with a desulfation unit that has the ability to give these batteries a second chance, but is also valuable in all batteries that require de-sulfation and not only batteries that are on their "last leg".

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