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HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Warehouse Fans Explained


Hi, I'm Mike Bitson with Cisco, Inc. and I'm am a salesman for the Serco ATEC Big Fan.

Now, in a warehouse this size, we are going to get about 2-3 mile per hour winds, which is going to change this room temperature 7 to 11 degrees and going to feel like air conditioning, instead of hot and humid.

Here we got the touch screen control panel, you got a 1 to 10 setting, pretty easily done.

The big thing that makes the ATEC fan different than our competitors, you can run it in reverse to utilize it in the wintertime to regulate the heat in the warehouse as well.

Right now, we are 30 feet from the center of the fan.

As you can tell by these papers right here, we can move a lot of air, fast.


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