Turbo-ES Fans to Cool Your Dock

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Turbo-ES Dock Fan

Turbo-ES Fans - Increase comfort and productivity for dock workers

The Turbo -ES Fan is designed to be a space-saving product on your loading dock. The fan provides the inside of the trailer with a focused stream of air, increasing comfort and productivity for dock workers.

The power behind the fan is an energy efficient, 1/3 HP, 120V, 3.0 amp motor. The Turbo-ES used less energy than most competitors which allows a facility to cut back on it's energy costs

Keep Docks Cool and Light

Pairing the fan with a High Impact LED Dock Light adds superior lighting and increases safety for workers. High Impact LED Dock Lights meets requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities.

We are committed to helping you to keep your docks safe and in top condition. Let us know how we can help. We offer sales, installation service and preventative maintenance on the equipment we sell, and on your existing equipment. We are always happy to come out to your facility to do a FREE survey on your equipment!

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