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Checklist for Loading Dock Safety

Loading Dock Checklist:

For the loading dock and surrounding area:

  • Keep the dock and surrounding areas well lit
  • Keep the floors free of debris and moisture
  • Make sure the dock equipment is maintained
  • Ensure that your dock equipment is sufficient for cargo
  • Keep fire extinguishers and first aid kits nearby and well marked.
  • Make sure all fire exits are clearly marked and accessible
  • Dock doors closed and barricaded when not in use


For daily operations

  • Make sure trailers are chocked  during loading/unloading
  • Turn off transport vehicles during loading/unloading
  • Make sure workers are trainined in safety and first aid measures
  • Keep Material Safety Data Sheets nearby
  • Clean spills immediately
  • Maintain a way to report damaged equipment and other safety issues


Products to help you:

- Trailer Chocks/Restraints to prevent truck/trailer movement

- Dock seals and shelters keep your loading area dry and free of debris

- Dock levelers keep your surfaces even

- Safety barriers and warning lights for open dock doors

- Dock Lighting

- Proper loading dock service and maintenance


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