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Forklift Safety: Beyond the Forklift

In most warehouses, the loading dock is a busy area which presents numerous safety hazards for forklift and operators. Accidents at loading docks, the bridge between the warehouse and trailer, are common. Many forklift accidents occur when a lift truck is driven off a loading dock

So how can this be prevented?

Dock barrier gate

- creates a physical barrier to prevent equipment from inadvertently falling off the loading dock through an open dock door.
- provides a visual cue for employees that the loading dock is open but a truck is not present. 

Dock-Guard Barrier Lip  

- Prevents accidental forklift roll-off. In the stored position, the leveler lip extends above the deck, providing a full-time steel barrier. In the extended position, the lip remains flush with the leveler deck.


- Separate pedestrian traffic from heavy equipment and loads and prevent personnel (and forklifts) from falls.
Barrier gates, dock guard barrier lips, and other guarding devices are key to forklift safety around the loading dock.
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