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Vehicle Restraints vs Wheel Restraints

Prevent Dock injuries with Restraints

What is the difference between a vehicle restraint, and wheel restraint?

Vehicle and Wheel Restraints are both devices designed to prevent a trailer from moving away from the dock. What's the difference, and why should you care? 

A vehicle restraint secures the trailer by bracing/capturing the icc bar (lower guard of the trailer itself). A wheel restraint secures the vehicle by limiting the movement of the trailer wheels.

Hook attaching to the trailer ride guard

What is a Vehicle Restraint?

A vehicle (or truck, or trailer) restraint can be a mounted hook, such as the APS 2000 Vehicle Restraint System or the SLP3000 Safety-Loc Restraint that mounts to the dock and attaches to the underride guard on the back of the truck trailer.

Manual above ground wheel restraint

What is a Wheel Restraint

A wheel restraint is generally a manual chock system, where a tire chock track is mounted flush, like the Serco Universal Truck Mount or above ground like the SMWC Manual Safety Chock wheel restraint.

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Safety Light

Add More for Dock Safety

Pair the restraints with a stop and go light like the APS & Go LED Safety Light System to let dock workers know when it's safe to load, and truck drivers know when it's safe to leave.

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